Guildwatch: The dreaded 0% wipe

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|03.18.09

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Guildwatch: The dreaded 0% wipe

So close, and yet so far. The screenshot you see above? It was a wipe. The whole guild died off on Kel'Thuzad... at 9.5k health, low enough for the mod above to list it at 0%. Yes, Benediction on EU Turalyon experienced the dreaded 0% wipe -- we hope you never have to see it, and we hope, just like them, that victory comes soon after if you do. They downed him on the attempt right after that one.

Lots more downed news after the break in this week's Guildwatch. To submit your tips (we do have a backlog currently, so it may take a week or two to get them in), send them off to And there are so many ninjas on the realms lately that unless they're exceptional or otherwise guild-related, we probably won't be listing them here. So if some random dude stole a blue out of your 5-man PuG, you'll have to look for vengeance elsewhere (the forums, maybe?). Enjoy the column!

  • Kaboomz a.k.a Xombo (of Midian on Saurfang) apparently has had a little bit of a breakdown. He recently disbanded the guild and ninja'd the guild vault, and reportedly claimed he'd been hacked. But he's supposedly transferred off servers, and then there's this interview with the guildleader, which reveals his feelings about his former guildies and how much loyalty he owned them. Things get even messier on page 2 -- before Kaboomz shut down the guild, he helped a guildie get out and head over to a rival guild. Was this a planned guild destruction?
  • Crazy rash of ninja activity on Andorhal, including this confessing dude, a picky Pally, a Frozen Orb ninja (does that even rate?), a possible ninja transfer, and listen -- stop bothering One Night in Orgrimmar, just because one guy took something "without rolling or any discuss" doesn't mean you should blame the whole guild. Or does it? At any rate, Andorhal's got ninja fever! And the only prescription is probably something silly, like more cowbell.
  • Happy birthday to Divine Alliance of Mok'nathal -- they hit their second anniversary on March 9. Congrats! We hear they're clearing Kara and stepping up into Naxx to celebrate.
  • Congrats to Truely of the Imperial Guardsmen on EU Darkspear on an epic drop, a baby girl named Marta. The whole guild, we're told, is proud of both mom and baby. And if you're the kind of person who likes to look at pictures of babies, here you go.
  • Anger Management Inc on Farstriders is keeping all the shards they come across. Like all of them. Even on non-guild 5-mans. Their enchanter just won't give them up. We won't judge if that's wrong or not (no Enchanter means no shard, so maybe he should get to keep them), but keep in mind if you go on a run with them, you'll end it shardless.
  • Here's another ninja, but we're really only posting it because there's screenshots. Ænima on Bronzebeard-A hosted a PuG run, and looted a weapon to one of their guildies even without rolling. Woodstalker's attitude is kind of lame: "Not anymore."
  • Quite a story from The Outcasts on EU Bloodhoof -- they fell victim to the "I'm the GL's alt, invite and promote me pls" trick, got kicked out of their guild, and lost about 70k to a guild bank clearout (strangely, the hacker invited a bunch of level 1s into the guild -- maybe to split up the gold?). But the guild pulled together, formed up a new guild with the same name, and by that evening, the bank was refilled with flasks and had another couple thousand gold refilled. And they cleared three wings in Naxx that night without any problems. Something very cool from something pretty bogus.
  • Cataclysm on Haomarush-A is no more: they were raiding great, but we hear every raid was full of drama, and eventually the GM broke: he ninja the guild bank, and changed servers and names. He used to be known as Sawtooth, and his former guildies are pretty angry. Numerous people would have taken over, they say, but instead he ditched them all.
  • Kimboslice is inviting anyone he can into his guild Sons of Kimboslice over on EU Shadowsong, and in this screencapped conversation, he basically admits to just inviting people so he can get money from them: "made so much gold out of nubs like u he he." Classy. He may be right: most people don't care. But our tipster is right, too: Guildwatch does. And maybe if we post it here, his "500+ members" will realize they're probably not in the right guild.
  • Hilarity from the progression thread over on Duskwood: as a joke, Mguy of Stay Frosty removed all of Shai Hulud's achievements, and replaced them with his own guild's name just for the gag. But Zeet of SH didn't take kindly to the changes, and things escalated from there. Apparently it did cause confusion on the server, and soon, Shai Hulud is asking for someone else to run the progression thread. The thread did apparently get un-stickied and even locked, though. Pretty harsh for what was supposed to be a silly joke.
  • This isn't really guild-related, but it sure is drama. Coire posted on the forums that he'd been hacked, and even got a Blue response for his trouble. But a little Internet-detectiving later, it's determined that he wasn't randomly hacked, but that someone he knew, likely a girlfriend (check his signature, which was supposedly changed by the hacker) got his password and invaded his account. And even better? His wife is apparently named Zeela, and she shows up in the forum at the bottom of page 2 to raise hell about this girlfriend and say that she's tired of fighting with Coire and that she wasn't the hacker. The Blue has edited most of what she said out of the thread due to whatever craziness she posted, but wow. What a meltdown. Keep in mind that, as a few posters say, it might not actually be true. It's almost too perfect to actually unfold on the forums like that. But it is entertaining.
  • Dark Aftermath of Kilrogg "finally" cleared Naxx 25 after three weeks of trying to take down Kel'Thuzad. Now it's on to Eye of Eternity.
  • Instinct of Wyrmrest Accord has, as of last week, cleared all 25 man content except Sarth 3D. They're also recruiting for Ulduar, regardless of class or spec. They're progressive, but like to have fun, too.
  • Spectacular Death, retro raiders (server?) downed Nefarion and decided to take out his sister, Onyxia, on the same day. Which means they only have C'thun as the last classic boss to down. They're recruting, too: looking for Shaman, Rogues, Mages, Druids, and any other Healers, server transfers welcome.
  • The Natives on Smolderthorn-H cleared out Naxx 10, and have Malygos on notice (after connection problems held them back). They're recruiting for Pally DPS, and Druid or Shaman heals in particular.
  • They Might be Giants on EU Dragonblight finished off Malygos 25, leaving only Sarth 3D left to down. No DKs in the run, and at least five people had never even gotten on a dragon before. Grats!
  • Vildadjoor, a 100% Swedish guild on EU Neptulon, downed Malygos Heroic the other day, also leaving just Sarth 2D and 3D to kill.
  • The Transcendents/Bushido/Pak Cafan alliance of Dalaran downed Sarth 3D on their very first night of trying. Grats!
  • Serenìty of Doomhammer downed Heroic Sartharion with three drakes this week. They're looking forward to cooling down on raiding (and finally getting to some achievements) before Ulduar. They have openings for a Paladin, Warlock and Priest to fill out the rest of the roster.
  • Pansy Division (this week's Best Guild Name winner) on Proudmoore cleared out all of Naxx, and even nine manned Instructor R and Gothik! They're planning on farming that one, and Malygos is also on notice soon.
  • Tanked and Spanked (EU Terenas-A) downed Kel'Thuzad for the first time. It took a few wipes, but they trounced him, and then danced on his throne.
  • Prohibited by Law just formed recently on Aman'thul, by what we assume are experienced raiders -- four days after joining up, they downed Malygos, KT in Naxx, and Sarth 2D. 3D is on notice. They're also seeking a skilled resto Druid and Tank (that's two players, at least until dual specs arrives). They have spots for 3 DPSers as well, but you have to have a minimum of 3k DPS.
  • The Lost Soldiers of Darkness of Area 52 is an old guild (12 years!) that just downed Sarth 3D. Congrats! They're also recruiting -- Shadow Priests and Elemental Shamans. And I presume you have to be at least as old as the guild.
  • Almost Famous of EU Mazrigos has cleared all of the content, including guild first Sarth 3D and The Undying this week. They are also recruiting two active PvE mages in time for Ulduar.
  • Awry of Cenarius (my home server!) finally downed Heroic Malygos earlier this month. Congrats!
  • Dont Follow Brian (seriously, don't) on Muradin picked up The Undying achievement. Nice job.
  • Trample from Fenris earned The Immortal title. Boy, those guys sure can stay alive.
  • Narayan of EU Silvermoon also earned The Immortal, and they're recruiting a Feral Druid, a Hunter, a Shadow Priest, and an Enhancement Shaman for Ulduar.
  • Words Under My Name on Moonrunner downed Sarth 3D.
  • Ominous, a Horde guild on Crushridge has cleared out everything but Sarth 3D -- they're a group of high-end raiders who banded together to roll through Ulduar. They're seeking a Prot Warrior offtank, a Warlock, and a Rogue or two.
  • Genei Ryodan is an Italian guild on EU Hakkar EU that recently cleared out Naxx 10, and have Malygos on notice soon. They're also recruiting: Mages, Shamans, Warlocks. Please be level 78 or higher.
  • Nulli Secundus of Dath'Remar-A downed Sartharion with 1 Drake and Malygos on Normal, and cleared Heroic Naxxramas as well. Grats! They're also recruiting Warlocks, Holy and Disc Priests, Hunters, and Resto Shamans.
  • Animus on Zangarmarsh cleared out Naxx 10 with guild firsts on Thaddius, Sapphiron, and KT. Malygos is on notice next.
  • Ascended on Winterhoof picked up The Undying -- they had eight people in for The Dedicated Few, and then realized they had no deaths, so brought in two more (lucky guys) and picked up the tougher achievement.
  • Soldiers Of Fortune on Antonidas-A cleared Naxx 10, finishing off KT for the first time. They have cleared Sarth 2D and are working on Malygos now.
  • After lots of hard work and strategy tweaking, Plan B of Arygos downed Sartharion 3D Heroic. They had a whopping seven healers along for the ride, too. Grats!
  • Hammersworn of Blackwater Raiders has been trying to hit Naxx hard recently. Patchwerk has been dropped. They're also seeking some new blood, any level or class (preferably 55+). They're the seventh largest guild on the server, but also enjoy taking the time to get to know each other and help everyone out.
  • Us vs Them on Tichondrius is recruiting. They are full on tanks but still seeking DPS (yes, even Rogues) and healers. They raid pretty much everything about three or four times a week. Oh, and they are for the Horde.
  • A Band Apart on EU Shadowsong-H is a smaller guild focusing on 10-man content. They have Sarth 1D down, but are seeking about three or four DPS (including a healer and a tank hybrid in that mix) to finish the current content and prep for Ulduar.
  • The Dragons Lair on Aggramar-A is recruiting. They have started entering Naxx 10, and have finished the Arachnid Quarter, but need more level 80s to join in. They're seeking 'locks, Druids, Priests, and Rogues. They have an entertaining guild chat and fun vent discussion -- join in on the fun if interested.
  • Thrill Kill Kult of Korgath is a casual guild with some more serious raiders and a good attitude, looking to fill some roster spots. Naxx 10, and OS 10/25 are on farm, and they have cleared Naxx 25 and Sarth 1D. All applicants of any spec or class are welcome.
  • Deadwood, an EU Shadowsong raiding guild, is recruiting to swell the ranks for Ulduar and beyond. They're a late night mature guild that raids three nights a week, and are working on taking down Sarth 2 and 3D. They're seeking a Mage, two Priests, and a Resto Shaman, but exceptional players of all classes are welcome.
  • Kronos on Skullcrusher-H is recruiting all classes to help fill 10/25man raids. They raid twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 7-11 server time.
  • Knights of the Forsaken on Drenden-A is a moderate raiding guild currently looking for more mature, skilled healers for 25-man content. Apply at on the website, and if you're not a healer, but interested, apply anyway!
  • Negra Alma on Staghelm is an active, talkative guild that is looking for more members of any level to join the family. They play in a relaxed environment and take time to enjoy everything the game has to offer, including 10 man and 25 man raiding as well.
  • Reality Ripple on Eonar is currently recruiting active raiders to join the quest to take on and crush endgame raiding, They have finished all of the 10-man game content up to Sarth 1D, and are currently working on 25. They are a friendly fun guild, but like to get down to business too.
  • Vindicta on Skywall is a brand new guild seeking more to fill out a 10-man raid. They are mainly needing Healers and Tanks but all are welcome. Hit up the recruitment forum on the website to join.
  • Northrend Explorers of EU Quel'Thalas is recruiting. They have cleared all Naxx 10 and Sarth 1D, and are now looking for more people to start raiding Naxx 25 regularly and get prepared for Ulduar. Almost every class and spec needed. Fill out an app on the website if interested.
  • Blueshadow Cult on EU Bronzebeard-H are recruiting. They have a full Heroic team, but are looking to fill out to add to a second 10-man team. Traditionally, they've been casual, but as endgame gets easier they're interested in making it work. They'll recruit folks of any level and class, and even those who aren't interested in doing endgame content -- more the merrier.
  • Fueled by Ignorance on Baelgun-H is now recruiting healers and DPS for 10 man content. They raid on Saturday and Sunday nights.
  • Slow and Steady on EU Frostwhisper is an Alliance-side raiding guild that raids hardcore only four nights a week. Actually, four nights a week is pretty hardcore, if you ask us, but no pain, no gain. They're looking for mature players as they head towards the 25-man content.
  • The Knights of Radshire on Executus went into Naxx 10 the other day and cleaned out the Arachnid and Plague Quarters. Quite an achievement -- you need some big time Raid for that Arachnid quarter.
  • Descendants on Staghelm are recruiting for 25man content. They're in need of healers and DPS and raid four nights a week at 9:00 central. They have all 10 man content cleared except Sarth 2 and 3D, and just need a few extra bodies for 25mans.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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