Sony hides audio system within stylish RHT-G HDTV stands

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.19.09

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Sony hides audio system within stylish RHT-G HDTV stands

If Onei Solutions' speaker-infused TV stand was a bit too extravagant for your den, why not consider Sony's completely classy alternatives? The new RHT-G series follows up on last year's model by including three new HDTV stands that include multi-channel audio systems. The RHT-G950 is designed to hold sets from 40- to 46-inches, while the RHT-G1550 handles big screens in the 46- to 55-inch range and the RHT-G550 holds those 32- to 40-inch models. The G950 and G1550 each host a 5.1-channel array of speakers with 470- and 550-watts of power, respectively; the smaller G550 does 3.1 with 330-watts. There's also a dozen selectable sound modes, a trio of HDMI inputs, BRAVIA Sync support and a Digital Media Port for connecting one's Walkman, PC, phone or iPod. There's no mention of pricing just yet, but these should hit shelves in the May to July time frame.

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