Age of Booty gets Avatar support March 25 ... maybe

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Age of Booty gets Avatar support March 25 ... maybe
A recent forum post by Capcom senior producer Daryl Allison hints that something to do with Avatars and Age of Booty will be revealed next Wednesday, March 25. The title of the post simply reads "Age of Booty - Xbox Avatars Set Sail." We're guessing this means that Capcom will be adding Avatar support to Age of Booty. Another possibility is that Avatars will receive some Age of Booty themed clothing. We're kind of hoping for the second possibility, because our Avatar is just dying for a peg leg.

We've contacted the folks at Capcom in hopes that they might clear up this confusion. We'll update this post when we receive new information.

[Update: As reader Johnathan points out, the Capcom post more than likely refers to the Avatar support that was announced in January. Originally slated for a February release, it has yet to see the light of day. Bet your booties (get it?) that Avatar support will arrive next week.]
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