iriver P35 WiFi PMP announced for browser loving P.ple

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After a bit of a tease, the folks at reigncom have taken the wraps off their new P35 personal media player. Having mastered good product design long ago, iriver is now intent on bringing its interface and user experience up to snuff. After all, anyone can make a rectangular, touchscreen media box these days. The P35 features the SPINN navigator we've seen before, an accelerometer for automatic portrait and landscape orientation, and ships in a 8GB basic model or a 16GB version with options for DMB television (with mini remote control) and/or 802.11b/g WiFi. The 128.3 x 79.7 x 17.8-mm white slab comes packing a 4.3-inch LCD with 480 x 272 pixel display and rich audio and video codec support that iriver players are synonymous with. It also sports a full browser (WiFi version only), support for UCI widgets (with open API), and even an "FTP server" if we're translating the Korean announcement correctly. And the new batch of seemingly finger-friendly UI shots are just as tantalizing in their simplicity as they were in the tease. Unfortunately, we'll have to reserve judgment on the all important "experience" until we get one of these pups in-hand. On sale now in South Korea.

[Thanks, KR]
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