Majority of buyers use game "gift cards" for themselves

Joe Blancato
J. Blancato|03.23.09

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Majority of buyers use game "gift cards"  for themselves
PlaySpan, creators of the Ultimate Game Card, released findings on March 20 that nearly 80 percent of those purchasing the gift cards are using them for themselves. The UGC, which sells alongside other gift cards on store shelves, has a special code redeemable online at the company's website that can be applied toward over 200 online games. The games supported range from triple-A MMOGs to casual, browser-based games.

PlaySpan's research notes that nearly 50 percent of their customers are age 14-18, and they likely purchase the cards because they're too young to have credit cards of their own. Virtual Goods News has crunched the numbers further.
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