Video: Sanwa's throat mic for city-bred sissies

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Throat mics have been around for decades. However, unless you're manning a tank or involved in black ops, you've likely never seen such a set beyond the reach of a typical paintball turret. Sanwa's throat mic (pictured) is an urban take to the otherwise, combat-inspired gear design you'll find at retail. Unfortunately, we can't find any additional detail beyond the images. We can, however, drop in a hardcore video of the $50-ish US Special Forces Throat Mic (as it's called) from Real Action Paintball. This rugged mic with voice-box positioned transducer is compatible with VOX-capable radios and features four styles of discrete listening devices (special forces, secret service, SWAT, and Socom) and a remote push-to-talk (PTT) switch that can be strapped to the index finger supporting your sniper rifle. Fake-war is so much fun.

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