HP set to introduce 16-inch AMD-based dv6z laptop

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Donald Melanson
March 25th, 2009
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HP set to introduce 16-inch AMD-based dv6z laptop

There's not exactly an abundance of details on this one just yet, but it looks like HP is set to introduce an AMD-based counterpart to its recently refreshed, Intel-based dv6t laptop, which will make the already affordable laptop even less expensive. Apparently, the AMD-based dv6z will start at just $599.99, which will be knocked down a bit further with a $30 coupon at launch, and further sweetened by a free HP DeskJet printer that'll be available with a mail-in rebate. Unfortunately, there's no word at all on specs, though you will at least be able to get the dv6z in the same Espresso Black or Moonlight White color options as the dv6t, with the latter still demanding a $25 premium.
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