MacHeist 3 bundle unveiled

Christina Warren
C. Warren|03.25.09

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Christina Warren
March 25th, 2009
MacHeist 3 bundle unveiled

The Heist might be over, but the software saving fun is just beginning! Tonight, the MacHeist 3 bundle was revealed in a geek-star studded live show.

This year's bundle is, from a software perspective, really incredible. I love software bundles because they are a great way to get cool stuff, but the problem is, lots of stuff is frequently repeated across bundles, making it less and less exciting for the more seasoned Mac software-addict. This is not a bundle that can be accused of retreading old software; on the contrary, some new (and high profile) apps are available.

This is the line-up:

It wouldn't be a bundle without unlock incentives, and this year, MacHeist goes all out:

And knowing MacHeist, I'm sure there will be other surprises to come as the sale takes shape.

So the software is hot, how's the price? Try $39 US. Yeah. $39. And if you have participated in any of the puzzles/missions, you probably earned discount coupons to take the price down even lower.

I know people are often weary about buying a bundle that offers software based on sales goals, but let's be serious, the goals will be reached. This is a pretty awesome deal. Head to to get the MacHeist 3 bundle.

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