Major nerf of ECM ships coming to EVE Online

James Egan
J. Egan|03.24.09

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Major nerf of ECM ships coming to EVE Online

While this can hardly be considered flavor of the month (as it would've been a *really* long month), ECM (jamming) ships in EVE Online are considered to be overpowered by many players. Ships with bonuses to ECM modules are able to prevent target lock by other ships, drastically reducing the combat effectiveness of their opposition. After all, you generally can't shoot what you can't get a target lock on, and some of these ships can jam from extremely long ranges.

With this in mind, CCP Games is taking a look at ECM ships and considering redefining their roles in the EVE Online. Game designer CCP Chronotis has written in the official site's Game Development Forum about what the devs would like to do to fix ships with bonuses to ECM. In a nutshell, CCP is considering altering the ships (and ECM use in general) in terms of range. Some ships might become 'short range brawlers' while others become 'long range snipers.' Chronotis proposes specific changes to ECM ships, detailing their reworked stats as they will appear on the Singularity test server in the coming days, and invites input from the playerbase on the matter.

Despite the widespread perceived need for ECM changes to be made, some of the player response to the proposed changes is critical so far. Regardless, one thing is clear -- the days of Falcon alts are numbered. Have a look at what CCP is considering doing, and let us know if you agree or disagree with these changes.

[Via A Misguided Adventurer]
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