Toshiba shows off Cell TV interface, shoots for production in 2010

Toshiba's been talking up / showing off its Cell TV for quite awhile now, but a recent demonstration seen by the UK branch of CNET shed some light on Tosh's future plans for the technology. The Japanese language user interface (shown above) was said to be downright gorgeous and stupendously fluid, and they were even clued in on a concept that could use one main Cell TV as a "central brain," while other sets around the home could act as "dumb screens" that simply borrow computing power from the big guy. We're also told that Cell TV may actually arrive as a two-piece set; a standard monitor plus a dedicated set-top-box with the TV tuner, processor, etc. We know lots could change between now and then, but given that "then" is slated to be 2010, we're definitely expecting to see more near-final prototypes crop up over the next few months.