3DeeShell autostereoscopic iPhone skin now available to order

Intrigued by Wazabee's promise of 3D images on an iPhone without the need for goofy 3D glasses? Then you'll no doubt want to head on over to the company's website post haste, as its 3DeeShell iPhone skin is now finally available to order for the not so low price of $49.99. In addition to adding an extra dimension to a currently limited number of apps (Wazabee provides three itself), the skin also serves a protective shell that you can leave on your iPhone at all times, with the autostereoscopic lens able to slide out to prevent unwanted headaches or hallucinations during non-3D use. Of course, the apps and lens will also work just fine on an iPod touch, just don't expect a very snug fit from the case.

[Thanks, Cob]