Cable customers can get SlingLoaded too with the T2200S tru2way DVR

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Cable customers can get SlingLoaded too with the T2200S tru2way DVR

Want a taste of the SlingLoaded DISH Network 922 DVR (pictured), without switching to satellite? Echostar, as expected, is ready to show off a tru2way compatible version of its latest box, the T2200S, this week at the Cable Show '09. The T2200S contains the 1TB hard drive, expandable storage and of course, Sling Media's placeshifting technology ready to send live or recorded TV to your Internet connected device of choice. Since it's tru2way, it's also capable of running either the SlingGuide software, or whatever middleware is chosen by the provider, and enabling remote video diagnostics, hopefully making many truck rolls unnecessary. Like the 922, we've no price or release date yet but hopefully all that work on tru2way and M-CARD means whether or not our cable company signs up, we'll still have the choice of purchasing one at retail.

Update: Looks like the box is planned to start testing June, and go into production in Q4 of 2009, the specs from the PR are after the break. [Thanks, Justin]
The SlingLoaded T2200S also provides the following features:

-- Supports MPEG-2, H.264 (MPEG-4) and VC1.
-- 1GHz tuners to support expanded network bandwidth.
-- Connect to the home network via Ethernet, WiFi (with optional WiFi adapter) or Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA(TM)).
-- Picture-in-Picture
-- Supports advanced resolution formats up to 1080p24.
-- Individual branding opportunities for MSOs.
-- Supports Macrovision and DCS analog copy protection.
-- Features an attractive, capacitive-touch, backlit front panel with clock display.

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