AT&T's Samsung Impression hands-on with video

With AT&T's Samsung Impression packing things like quad-band GSM, dual-band HSPA for the Americas and a supremely useable QWERTY keypad, we're suitably impressed. All that magic aside, the screen, a fairly giant 3.2-inch AMOLED number, is where the big draw for us lies. The display is completely stunning and viewable from just about any angle, the keypad is pretty much right on, and the set just feels like money to hold onto. Coupled with a reasonable 3 megapixel cam with digital zoom and geotagging support, and we're expecting this to be a wildly popular device at its $200 price point. We tried to capture the beauty of the Impression with vids -- we've taken the leap from VGA -- and pics which you'll find right after the break.