AT&T's Samsung Magnet hands-on with video

Samsung's Magnet is inexpensive, orange, QWERTY, and we're really liking it. Sure, we don't have a price or an official date, but we we came away from our meeting with the Magnet feeling rather happy about the whole experience. Yeah, the web browser is a bit lightweight, and the color choice garish, but we can't find fault with that as it is aimed directly at a market that digs messaging and bright colors. The Magnet is comfortable to hold, the OS very responsive, and the screen ample bright and large enough to get the job done. The Keyboard, and the phone's size are very similar to a Nokia E71 (which we compare it to in the video for scale) so if you've checked one of those out, you'll know where we're coming from. A dash of 3G would add to the joy here, but then again, it would add to the price, too. Pics and videos are just after the break.