CTIA Roundup, Day Two

Day Two of CTIA Wireless 2009 was marked with little news -- most of the big stuff hit yesterday -- but that doesn't mean there wasn't plenty to see. We wrote a bit about Motorola's surprisingly awesome Evoke, LG's and Samsung's latest contributions to AT&T, and a couple of watch phones that you may (or may not) want on your wrist -- so if you haven't had a chance to catch up on the day's festivities, read on, won't you?

NVIDIA's Franken-Mini is half HP, half Tegra, no Intel
And now, a little visit to the "Why not?" department.

Motorola Evoke QA4 hands-on with video
When you look at the Motorola Evoke QA4, the last thought that springs to mind is RAZR, and that's such a good thing.

Sony Ericsson's T707 hands-on with video
Sony Ericsson's presence at CTIA this year is a rather quiet thing, but we did catch up with them at Ericsson's booth as we were hell bent on seeing its newest, the T707.

Samsung Propel Pro video hands-on, now with more keyboard
A number of folks wanted video of AT&T's Samsung Propel Pro and a better view of the keyboard.

Neutrano's Nutec WristFone watch phones at CTIA
If this guy looks serious, it's because he is -- serious about bringing you some awesome watch phones

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