Yu Suzuki assumes even smaller role at Sega

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Yu Suzuki assumes even smaller role at Sega
Yu Suzuki, creator of such renowned gaming franchises as OutRun, Virtua Fighter and Shenmue has been slowly making a move out of Sega's R&D division over the past year, taking on such a limited role that Sega of America's president believed he'd left the company. GameSpot now reports that Suzuki is (officially) stepping down from his post as creative director altogether.

But there's a twist. The legendary designer will, in fact, stay on at Sega, limiting his scope to one R&D department, AM Plus. The team he'll be managing created the Japan-only Lindbergh based fighting game Psy-Phi and another arcade title, Sega Race TV. As they say, "You can take the man out of Sega, but not the Sega out of the man" -- but, in Suzuki's case, we doubt the former will fully happen until he's a little older and grayer.
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