Square-Enix security tokens on sale Tuesday!

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Square-Enix security tokens on sale Tuesday!
If you've been waiting to get your hands on one of those Square Enix authenticator tokens to keep your Final Fantasy XI account safe and sound, then you're in for some great news. Square Enix has announced that they will start selling their security tokens on Tuesday, April 7th in Japan, North America and Europe. These new tokens will cost $9.99 US and will be available for purchase through the PlayOnline viewer.

Also, if you opt to pick up one of the security tokens, you'll get a special in-game bonus item called "The Mog Satchel." Apparently this nifty new item will grant you additional inventory space equal to a character's Gobbiebag capacity - up to 60 slots! Additionally, it will "benefit all characters on the PlayOnline account(s)". Now as to whether that means shared communal space between all the characters or just the ability to have one on each character, they didn't explain. Square Enix did note that the bag would be able to be accessed from anywhere; the Mog House or while out running around adventuring. For $10 to ensure your account's security and to score up to an additional 60 inventory slots? We know we'll be making that investment, kupo.
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