Dell demos multitouch on the Studio One 19

Dell's new all-in-one Studio One 19 is due to start shipping soon, and it's packing some interesting new multitouch capabilities which Dell has been kind enough to demo briefly on video. There's a new touchable launch bar, which give access to Dell's own touch-friendly apps (see the second video after the break), though Dell's Josh Duncan (video one) made sure to reiterate that gestures should carry over to non touch specific apps -- which pretty much means Internet Explorer, from what we can tell. Our own experience with Windows 7 multitouch was none too impressive, and Vista's built-in single touch stuff is even worse, so hopefully Dell's not just paying lip service to making multitouch a real OS-wide phenomenon. The touch-specific apps like a photo browser and paint app are cute and gimmicky, but at least seem to match HP's TouchSmart for the most part -- plus some multitouch enhancements. What is perhaps the Studio One's biggest boon to touchability doesn't even have a thing to do with the screen or software: it tilts back on the stand, giving you a better angle to work with. Check out both videos after the break.

[Via Pocket-lint]