Free EU character migrations

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Free EU character migrations
There are a handful of free EU character transfers to report on today, all focused on the faction differences on the realm Magtheridon.

Now Magtheridon was always a pain in the butt in the days before his colossal nerf. It was a big challenge when BC was released to coordinate a couple groups of five people to click on cubes all at one time. I'd always say on vent very calmly: "Three, two... one... click-click-click. Good work. Break." Or "Three, two... one... click-click-click. Terrible. Wipe it."

Does that obnoxious and repetitious pattern which still haunts me in my dreams have anything to do with the character migrations? Probably not.

The full list of realms after the break.

Horde Only

Source Realm: Magtheridon
Destination Realm: Executus, Genjuros, Hakkar, Haomarush, Neptulon, Ragnaros, Sunstrider, Tarren Mill, The Maelstrom, Trollbane, Zenedar, Silvermoon (PvE)

Alliance Only

Source Realm: Burning Blade, Burning Legion, Crushridge, Darksorrow, Frostmane, Grim Batol, Ragnaros, Ravencrest, Silvermoon, Sylvanas
Destination Realm: Magtheridon

These transfers are only open from April 4th to April 14th. Transfer soon and transfer often! Blizzard has been shutting down transfers early once they reach their internal transfer quotas.
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