Mio's C523 V2 navigator aims to route motorcyclists

Not that it's impossible to find a GPS for motorcyclists or anything, but your options are certainly limited. Mitac's Mio branch is looking to give hog and crotch rocket riders one more alternative with the 4.3-inch C523 V2, a somewhat varied version of the 2007 original. The included "rider mode" supposedly enables motorcycle riders to not spend as much time glancing at the screen, though we suppose the tweaked interface could still work for folks in traditional motorcars. Crazily enough, the unit also supports 1seg digital TV tuning in Japan, though we wouldn't recommend checking out your favorite programming whilst dodging those much, much larger automobiles whirring around you. Pricing is set for ¥44,800 ($446), but there's no indication of when (or if, even) this will head stateside.

[Via NaviGadget]