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Phat Loot Phriday: Black Ice

Mike Schramm
Mike Schramm|April 10, 2009 7:00 PM

Today's item comes to us from the wild and strange land of Twitter, where Jezriyah suggested this might be the prettiest item in the game. Maybe -- but only if you don't count characters, as my Night Elf Hunter is pretty hot. Also, if you're not following WoW Insider on Twitter yet, now's the chance to do so -- you get to suggest items like this!

Name: Black Ice (Wowhead, Thottbot, Wowdigger)
Type: Epic Polearm
Damage/Speed: 570 - 856 / 3.50 (203.7 DPS)
  • +108 Agility, +88 Stamina
  • 2084 Feral Attack Power, if you're into that sort of thing, and you probably are -- this is one of the best cat DPS weapons for Feral Druids

  • Improves hit rating by 72 (which is just beautiful -- if you haven't ever looked into the pleasures of stacking hit rating up to the cap, do so right now, your DPS will thank you), haste rating by 58, and attack power by 134. The AP isn't actually that big of an upgrade above other weapons right around this level, but the extra +hit is really what makes this weapon pop for Hunters and "cat durids."
  • Make sure to enchant this sucker as well -- Massacre is usually a nice one for this type of thing. We haven't talked much about enchanting gear in this column, actually (I'll try to do it more in the future), but yes, anytime you get a good solid epic like this one into one of your equipment slots, you should come up with some money to get an enchant on it.
  • Oh, and as you can see above, it certainly is very pretty. And huge -- the good thing about wielding polearms at endgame is that everyone knows you're carrying one when you walk by. Swords and maces can get lost when sheathed, but this thing is gigantic.
  • Don't confuse it, of course, with the Death Knight talent of the same name (are there any other gear/talent homonyms in the game?). Or with the dangerous road condition.
How to Get It: This one comes from 10-man Malygos, which is fairly easily pugged lately, so you can probably get a run in there this weekend. Down Malygos (you'll have to do some drake-riding, which is always annoying fun), and be a needy Hunter or Feral Druid if the raid is forgiving, win the roll, and this baby is yours. It actually appears in Alextrasza's Gift, a little cache that shows up after the fight is finished.

Getting Rid of It: You probably won't, if you want to keep that +hit -- there may be better DPS polearms out there, but none with that extra hit, which is extremely helpful. If you do decide to ditch it, vendors will give you 24g 85s 67c, and you can disenchant it into a (guess!) Abyss Crystal.