Paradigm SUB 25 subwoofer hands-on

Steven Kim
S. Kim|04.11.09

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Paradigm SUB 25 subwoofer hands-on
Paradigm Signature SUB 25 subwoofer hands-on
The Paradigm Signature SUB 25 looked small enough in the back of the freight truck, but by the time it was at our front door, all 150-pounds of it seemed appropriately intimidating. If you're fortunate enough to have one of these $4,000 beasts delivered to you, we recommend you get a friend to help with setup. All the better if that friend happens to be an electrician -- have them install 15A, 250V service to the living room so you can make use of that other power cord and test out the 3,000-Watt amplifier spec. The SUB 25 is menacingly handsome in glossy black and built like a tank; unfortunately, the grille is also fixed, so no pics of the 15-inch driver. Around back are RCA and XLR inputs and adjustment controls, but we'd recommend you spring an extra $300 for the Perfect Bass Kit and automatically get your SUB 25 dialed in via its USB port. Even though it's nowhere near cheap, that doesn't mean the SUB 25 can't present value to well-heeled bassheads, and we'll try to suss that out over the coming weeks. Feel free to peruse the photos after the break while we grab some ibuprofen for our aching backs and alert the neighbors (not necessarily in that order).

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