Motorola looking to produce a connected GPS unit?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.14.09

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Motorola's navigation line certainly isn't the firms most notable, but the Garmins and TomToms of the world are probably taking notice after an intriguing quote from product line manager Blake Bullock. According to TWICE, Mr. Bullock stated that Moto was "absolutely making a bigger play" in the PND arena. Specifically, he mentioned that it could "bring something new to the table with Motorola's vast experience in wireless connectivity," noting that it has "aspirations to combine the best aspects of 3G smartphones with PNDs [to] create optimized experiences for consumers." 'Course, we've no clue as to when, where and how the company will get its hands dirty with a web-savvy GPS unit, but considering its current state of affairs, we'd say yesterday would be a great time to get things rolling.

[Via GPS Tracklog, thanks Rich]
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