We deserve these Grim Fandango action figures

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|04.14.09

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We deserve these Grim Fandango action figures

Dear Santa,

Yeah, we know it's early in the year, but we thought we'd beat the rush. Listen, we get that we still haven't gotten off the Naughty List after the BioShock 2 Game Informer thing. WE GET IT. We posted a bunch of craziness about Santa's Most Anticipated Game of 2009 without laying eyes on so much as a magazine scan? Shoddy, at best.

But haven't we suffered enough? Look, just this morning we single-bloggedly (or at least that's what we're telling ourselves) made Microsoft extend its three-year warranty to 360s with E74 errors! Haven't we done enough to deserve these gorgeous Grim Fandango figures of Glottis and Manny. custom-made by Iain Reekie, in our stockings? Wait, wait, don't answer yet. You've got a few months to think about it.



[Via A Bunch of Broken Ideas]
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