Aperture, iMovie, Server Admin Tools updates available

Yesterday Apple pushed out three updates via Software Update. According to Apple, iMovie 8.0.2 "...fixes an issue with projects having a size of 0 KB." That's a problem all right.

Aperture 2.1.3 is also available now and "...addresses minor issues in a number of areas, including the display of thumbnails on import and image rotation."

Finally, Apple has also pushed out Server Admin Tools 10.5.6v1.1 which is required to administer Mac OS X Server version 10.5.6 from a remote Mac client. These updates weigh in at 24.1MB, 48.11MB and 92.7MB respectively. The interesting thing here is that Apple was actually a bit forthcoming with exactly what these updates address. Not totally, mind you, but better than the "bug fixes" we usually get.