Medigenic Infection Control keyboard will be easy to clean when the zombies attack

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|04.15.09

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We don't have a phobia about germs or anything, but this keyboard still really strikes our fancy. Designed by Esterline Advanced Input Systems for use in hospitals, the Medigenic Infection Control keyboard boasts a couple of features that make it less likely to be infested with disgusting germs, as well as easier to clean. First off -- it's a flat surface, and has no "keys" -- just the 3D-looking printed keyboard layout -- so that you don't get crumbs, dirt, or anything else trapped in there. It also has a disable key, so that you can turn off the keys for quick cleaning, and a customizable reminder system to let you know when it's ready for a wipe down. A companion mouse is also available. The keyboard is available for $140, and the mouse is $80.

[Via Oh Gizmo!]
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