Pandora-lovin' Livio Radio sports 'thumbs up / down' controls

Much like digital photo frames, the whole internet radio sector is getting really, really tired. Thankfully, a little known company by the name of Livio is breaking in to spice things up. The simply titled (and classically styled) Livio Radio is the first and only dedicated device to offer Pandora's signature "thumbs up, thumbs down" controls on both the front panel and a remote, and while we suppose Pandora will be plenty for most of the targeted customers, it can also tune into a comprehensive list of other validated internet radio stations from around the world through Reciva. Outside of that, functionality is indeed limited, but Livio designed this thing to be a simple WiFi mix tape of sorts, not a bona fide home audio player. Naturally, all that's required to get tunes streaming is an AC outlet and an internet connection, so you can feel free to leave your PC / laptop at home. It's shipping now directly from Livio for $150, and the full release is after the break.

Livio Radio's sleek features puts Pandora® at your finger tips
Introducing the new stand-alone Livio Radio, featuring Pandora® Internet Radio

Ferndale, Mich. - The power of Pandora Internet Radio is now accessible to even more people, in more places, with the new Livio Radio.

The first and only dedicated device to offer Pandora's signature "thumbs up, thumbs down" controls on both the front panel and a remote, the Livio Radio puts its users in command by allowing them to customize the music and programming they receive across any genre, from anywhere in the world, without a required monthly fee.

The Livio Radio, through Pandora and the Music Genome Project ™, gives its users the power to be their own personal DJ, one that actually pays attention to what listeners like and dislike. With its sleek design and set of features, the Livio Radio goes beyond providing access to free, personalized Internet radio available through Pandora. In the home, office, or anywhere a power source and a Web connection meet, it's a stand-alone radio that connects quickly and plays Internet radio programming through its own speaker. The Livio Radio does not require access to a computer interface or a mobile phone for everyday operation.

"I love listening to Pandora. I listen to it on my phone and at my desk when I'm working, but I don't want to bring my laptop poolside or sport earbuds at a barbecue," said Greg Kim, Livio's sales and marketing manager. "Most people don't need all the bells and whistles. That's what the Livio Radio is all about."

In addition to Pandora, the Livio Radio can also access a comprehensive list of validated Internet radio stations from around the world through Reciva®, a global market leader in Internet radio technology. Reciva collaborated with Livio to create the Livio Radio.

"Pandora's listeners are increasingly using Pandora off of the PC, so we're always looking for new products that make that easy to do, and have wide appeal for listeners," said Jessica Steel, Pandora's senior vice president of business development. "The Livio Radio is a great way to bring Pandora into the home."

The Livio Radio sells for $150 and is currently available in the United States at

About Livio:
Founded in 2008, Livio LLC finds ways to make Internet audio streams accessible to more people, in more places. Dedicated to designing products that work fast without complicated menus, Livio developed the Livio Radio to let users listen to Pandora® in the home, without a Ph.D. in consumer electronics.

About Pandora:
Pandora ( is a free, personalized Internet radio service, available anytime and anywhere on the PC, in the home and on mobile devices, including the Apple iPhone. Pandora is based on the Music Genome Project, which began in 2000 and is the most thorough analysis of popular music ever undertaken. Each song in this massive collection, which includes Pop, Rock, Jazz, Electronica, Hip Hop, Country, Blues, R&B, Latin and Classical, is analyzed by one of more than 50 trained musicians, and assessed against up to 400 distinct musical attributes (encompassing melody, harmony, rhythm, etc.) to capture its unique musical identity. Pandora uses this information to build playlists based on musical similarity. By simply entering a favorite song or artist, a listener is instantly launched into a personalized listening experience, full of new discovery as Pandora explores their favorite part of the music universe. Listeners can create up to 100 of these personal radio stations and refine them by providing feedback via the Pandora radio tuner. Additionally, listeners can create profiles, search for other listeners in the Pandora community who have similar musical tastes, and find stations built by other listeners, using artist and song names as well as genre and mood search terms. The music analyst team works daily to keep the Music Genome Project updated with the latest releases, emerging artists, and an ever-deepening collection of catalogue titles. Today, Pandora has a growing user base of more than 18 million registered listeners and national advertisers such as HP, Microsoft, Toyota, AT&T, Procter and Gamble, and Nike.