Acer Aspire 3935 review roundup: sleek and affordable, but lacking gaming cred

Ross Miller
R. Miller|04.22.09

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Acer Aspire 3935 review roundup: sleek and affordable, but lacking gaming cred
If you're in the market for a new laptop / netbook, you might want to add Acer's just-released Aspire 3935-6504 to the list of potentials. The early reviews are in, and it looks like Acer's got an aggressively-priced winner on its hands. Laptop Magazine calls it "one heck of a bargain," noting particularly its sleek and sturdy design, backup and power saver buttons, full-sized keyboard, and the appealing $900 price tag. PC Magazine went so far as to give it the Editor's Choice award for budget laptops, lauding also its eco-friendly credentials and impressive battery life (4 hours and 50 minutes, by its metric). Both sites bemoaned, however, the lack of HDMI and eSATA ports and its inability to run games as well as competitors like the Dell Studio XPS 13 or HP Pavilion dv3z. Providing a less enthusiastic tone is Computer Shopper, who seems to take more of an issue with its gaming deficiencies than the other two reviewers. Still, the site recommends it for those consider style, portability, and price tag the main selling points. Check out the read links below for more thorough dissection.

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