Atlantic Technology's 1400 SR-z speakers aim for the high notes

Steven Kim
S. Kim|04.22.09

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Atlantic Technology 1400 SR-z speakers
No strangers to switchable bipole/dipole speakers, Atlantic Technology has jumped into the Dolby ProLogic IIz fray with the 1400 SR-z speakers. If the inclusion of a 'z' right in the name isn't enough to tell you that these will work with the Dolby wizardry to make your ceiling disappear, then the compact form factor will at least get you thinking about the idea. The pair of 3.5-inch drivers in each speaker are switchable between bipole and dipole dispersion, however, which should make these a fine choice for just about any surround speaker location. Look for them in the last half of May with an MSRP of $425 per pair, which sounds a little pricey to us for channels that don't need much bandwidth, but imagine what these might do with the overblown "stadium" surround mode on your receiver.
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