Motorola's V10 for South Korea has a little V9 in it

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|04.24.09

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Motorola's V10 for South Korea has a little V9 in it
At the time of their announcement a couple years back, Motorola seemed like it was trying to go for the upper end of the feature phone market with its RAZR 2 V8 and V9 models -- but somehow, that doesn't seem to have translated to the new V10 over in Korea. Visually, there's definitely some new design language here, but the basic concept is the same -- it's a clamshell with a giant secondary touchscreen up front -- and the specs seem mostly un-bumped with a 2 megapixel cam, 2GB cap on microSD expansion, and EV-DO. It'll be on Korean shelves in the next few weeks -- we're just thinking Moto should've come to the table with something a little more technically distinctive to earn a +1 bump in the model designation over the V9, no?

[Via Unwired View]
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