Creative's cheap Zen MX even bores paid product models

Well what do you know... Creative's still in business and pumping out yet another variation of its Zen media player. The Zen MX features the same played design that Creative's been pushing since 2007 including a 2.5-inch, 320 x 240 pixel display, and SDHC expansion. However, as Creative's new low-end Zen, the MX is stripped of all but its most basic codecs -- MP3, DRM'd WMA, JPG pics, Audible 4, and Creative's own CMV video format are all that remain. The result is 8GB and 16GB Zen MX players hitting Japan (and presumably elsewhere) on May 5th for ¥9,800 (about $102) and ¥13,800 (about $144), respectively. Oh, and Creative also cut the price of its 32GB/16GB/8GB Zen X-Fi players. A move that would usually indicate an attempt to clear out inventory as the company prepares for a new flag-ship product. However, given the global economic situation and Creative's own internal meltdown, let's just say we're not too hopeful.