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Video: MOTO Lab's multitouch display scalable up to 50-inches

When the heads over at the MOTO Development Group aren't busy outfitting E-Ink devices with Android, they can often be found looking for bigger, better, and cheaper ways to build multitouch surfaces -- and they seem to be on to something. The video below shows full multitouch on a 19-inch display, although the company promises it is scalable up to at least 50-inches -- and it does this without the bulky projector. The capacitive touch screen forgoes the ITO (indium tin oxide) used in devices like the iPhone, relying instead on "extremely fine" wires to conduct the signals (which are lit up here for effect -- the company assures us that this will not be the case in production units). You know what this means: we may be getting that touch screen coffee table sooner than we thought! And we won't have to buy that yacht, either. But don't take out word for it -- peep for yourself after the break.