Audyssey DSX surround sound takes the speaker-count war to 11

You might think the future of surround audio lies in sophisticated DSP-driven single-box soundbars or even crazy wireless headphones, but Audyssey Labs knows the truth: what you really need is more speakers. Up to 11 of 'em, to be exact, as part of the company's new Dynamic Surround Expansion system. Like the 9.1 channel Dolby Pro Logic IIz, DSX focuses more on the audio in front of you, since that's what your ears are tuned to differentiate the best -- in addition to the left, right, and center channels, DSX includes two speakers mounted up high at a 45-degree angle, and two speakers placed farther out to each side to create width. Add in the two surround back channels from a traditional 7.1 rig and presto -- you're up to 11. Yep, that's a lot of speakers, especially if your loved ones already think a standard 5.1 system is an eyesore. On the other hand -- 11 freaking speakers. DSX-enabled receivers are expected to arrive by summer, just in time to close the shades and spend all day indoors watching movies.

[Via Sound and Vision; thanks Will]