Final Fantasy XI's Feast of Swords is back again for another swing

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|04.30.09

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Final Fantasy XI's Feast of Swords is back again for another swing

It's springtime! The birds are in the air, the flowers are in bloom, and crazy armor stealing brigands are back in Vana'diel. That means the moogles are once again handing out swords and imbuing them with moogle magic to fight back the malice of the brigands. It's the Feast of Swords!

Participating in this event is pretty easy, but it's recommended you bring a class that has a high amount of hit points and include white mage as your subjob. Simply visit a moogle at any one of the major FFXI cities and pick up your magical sword. Be careful though, as you'll be brought down to a level restriction of 1, but no monsters will be interested in attacking you. You will also have the benefit of enhanced movement speed, so you can track down those armors.

Taking down one of the magical armors will allow you to trade your sword in for some neat event prizes, like food that turns you into a kid, medals that teleport you to a city's chocobo stables, or even one of the special yearly swords. But participate soon! This event is being sheathed come May 12th.
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