Engadget's delightful cruise on the Ultra Motor A2B electric bike (with video!)

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Engadget's delightful cruise on the Ultra Motor A2B electric bike (with video!)

After the death-defying moments astride the Zero S, and the claustrophobia experienced within GM and Segway's P.U.M.A., we were ready for something a little more relaxing in the electric vehicle space: and Ultra Motor's A2B electric bike provided. Not to say it doesn't have any pep -- we took it for a test ride around SoHo, and found plenty of juice to power past those other suckers doing their own pedaling -- but there's something a tad more gentle to this bike than some of the other rough-around-the-edges EVs we've bumped into lately. The best news is that the A2B is available now at various dealerships, with an almost-palatable price tag of $2,600, 20 mile range and 20 mph max electric-assisted speed (limited due to regulations on bikes). Testing it out we found ourselves pedaling just a bit out of habit, and on the short city blocks we rarely got it past third gear, but there's plenty of power for urban transport. The front and rear shocks provide a well-cushioned ride (and are bouncy enough for some easy wheelies), the small wheels keep the center of gravity low and maneuverability high, and the brakes are excellent. Catch the magic on video after the break.

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