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In-game fixes for Monday May 4th

Adam Holisky
Adam Holisky|@adamholisky|May 4, 2009 10:40 PM
There's an additional list of in-game fixes released tonight by Bornakk. The fixes have been coming less and less over the past week, and that's reflected in the fact the game's stability has vastly improved since patch 3.1 dropped (at least for most).

We covered some of the Ulduar changes, which were announced separately this evening. Apparently Blizzard felt them important enough to mix them in with these other changes as well.

Chief amongst the changes is that the Tier 8 4 piece set bonus for Druids now works. I don't honestly know anyone that has ran into this yet, but I'm sure there's a few folks out there with four pieces of Tier 8 already.

The entire list of changes after the break.
  • The NPCs just inside the front entrance of Ulduar (like a repair ogre) should no longer despawn.
  • The Druid Tier 8 Nightsong Battlegear 4 piece bonus should now properly extend the length of Savage Roar.
  • The Auriaya encounter has received the following changes: The range of Savage Pounce has been slightly reduced, the impact and periodic damage has been reduced in Heroic difficulty, the Guardian Swarm ability now summons 10 Swarming Guardians instead of 25 but their individual damage has been increased.
  • The reflected damage done by Elder Stonebark with his Petrified Bark ability has been significantly reduced.
  • In the Hodir encounter, the time to complete the hard mode has been increased to 3 minutes. (This will be applied during maintenance beginning with North America on Tuesday May 5.)
  • The health of the Heart of the Deconstructor in the XT-002 Deconstructor encounter has been reduced.
  • In the Thorim encounter, the Iron Ring Guard's Whirling Trip ability will now only hit the tank.
  • In the Assembly of Iron encounter, the duration of Overwhelming Power has been increased to 30 seconds in heroic mode and the amount of healing that Steelbreaker receives from Electrical Charge has been reduced to 20% of his max health.
  • The first pack of trash mobs in the Conservatory of Life has been removed, one of the trash packs in the General Vezax room has been removed, all of the humanoids in General Vezax's room are no longer immune to stuns, the Faceless Horrors will only go immune and summon Void Beasts once instead of 3 times, and the damage done when a Clockwork Sapper explodes has been significantly reduced.