Star Trek references in the World of Warcraft

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Star Trek references in the World of Warcraft
Wait, what? Star Trek is now cool you say? What is my nerdy self going to cling to? What's going to make a geek above other geeks as I recite the Klingon alphabet backwards in the Qo'noS dialect? Oh wait, there's WoW! And what's more geeky than taking a look at all the Star Trek references in the game?

Well, the answer is not much.

But that's okay, because it's geek-chic, or whatever those babbling idiots on What Not To Wear say.

So take a look my geeky bretheren, all the Star Trek references in the World of Warcraft after thy break.

Area 52 "Doc"

Says "Damnit Boots, I'm a doctor not a priest!" in reference to Dr. McCoy. Shown after you turn in the quest That Little Extra Kick.

Area 52 NPCs

All the ones working on the rocket are wearing gold shirts and black pants, a reference to the color worn by all the Engineering staff in TNG.

Bashir's landing

Bashir's Landing is an area out in Blade's Edge Mountains where an NPC invasion event occurs. The area is named after Dr. Bashir from DS9.

Chief Engineer Trep

Chief Engineer Trip Tucker from Star Trek: Enterprise, lives in Area 52.

Dax hosts in Exodar

Curzon, Tobin, Emony, and Audrid are all characters in Exodar and represent the hosts of Dax from DS9.

You remember Dax, right? It's just a slimy little worm that lives next to your stomach.

Druid near Cenarion Thicket

The Druid randomly yells out: "There are four lights!"

In Chain of Command, a two part TNG episode, Picard's Cardassian tormenter constantly asks him how many lights there are. Picard insists there are four. The scene in Star Trek is a reference to the novel 1984, where the line is "There are four fingers."

Etherlithium Matrix Crystals

You deliver the crystals for the quest Report to Engineering in Netherstorm. They are a reference to the Dilithium Matrix Crystals which regulates the antimatter flow that powers ships in the Star Trek universe.

Jhordy Lapforge

A reference to Chief Engineer Geordie La Forge from TNG. Lapforge lives in Gadgetzan.

Lenny "Fingers" McCoy

Back alley in Stormwind's Old Town, reference to Dr. Leonard McCoy of the original series.


Nogg's Machine Shop in Orgrimmar, named after Nogg from DS9.

Scooty in Booty Bay

Scooty transports Horde players to Mister Sprock in Gnomeregan.

Reference, of course, to Scotty from the original series. He was the chief engineer of the Enterprise.

It should be noted that in-game, he is wearing his Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home gear.

Smiles O'Byron

A reference to Miles O'Brien from TNG and DS9. He was the transporter technician in TNG, and was promoted to Chief Engineer in DS9.


Sprock accepts transport of players at Gnomeregan from Scooty in Booty Bay.

Sprock is a reference to the famous Spock, a green blooded pointy eared Vulcan.

Side note: Everyone on the day-to-day staff had seen Star Trek by Friday evening except Alex. Is this the worst or the worsest thing that has ever happened on WoW Insider?
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