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Earthrise devs explain interplay of shields, stamina, and energy game mechanics

James Egan
James Egan|May 11, 2009 7:00 PM

Earthrise is a post-apocalyptic MMO that's quite a departure from the 'Mad Max' view of a post-civilization world. Rather, the game is one where Earth's technocratic elite survive the global apocalypse via genetic immortality through cloning, and seek to rebuild the world according to utopian ideals. Schisms divide society which leads to outright hostilities and faction struggles, giving Earthrise's players the opportunity to play some very different sorts of characters. The lore of Earthrise is steadily being fleshed out, but we're hoping that the gameplay will live up to expectations.

Given that the title is still in early beta testing, we're always looking to get our questions about the game answered. Masthead Studios has been doing just that with their "Question of the Week" forum for Earthrise in which the game's developers answer questions posed to them by the fans. The latest question of the week deals with Earthrise's three major pools: shields, stamina, and energy. %Gallery-48760%
These pools are tied in with the gear a player is equipped with. Shields are the Earthrise analog to health in other MMOs, with regeneration rates largely determined by the player's choice in armor (higher shield ratings but slow regen vs. weaker shields with fast regen). When a player's shields drop to zero, they're going to die unless a field medic can provide aid.

A player's stamina and energy are also enhanced by gear, but are used to fuel abilities. Stamina fuels physical abilities while energy powers the special features of armor sets and weapons. Moll, the Earthrise community manager, notes that the three pools of shields, stamina, and energy are not shared pools, stating that "each has its own Regeneration rate, dependent on the bonuses provided by all the armor pieces that the player wears." You can get the rest of the details over on the official Earthrise forums.