Square Enix pulls the trigger on Chrono Trigger fan projects

Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes was to be an original sequel to Chrono Trigger, created by a team of fans using Chrono Trigger sprites. We say was, because on the 8th, just weeks away from the game's scheduled release date, Square Enix sent the team a frightening cease-and-desist letter (PDF) ordering the project to be halted and all known copies to be destroyed.

Square Enix also sent letters to other fan projects, including the Chrono Compendium, which responded by taking down all pages and forums related to rom-hacking projects. "We do not accept the validity of Square Enix's claims," Chrono Compendium's ZeaLitY said, "nor the legal rationale underpinning their position. Nonetheless, we are complying with their demands so as to avoid the expenses and burdens of litigation, because, frankly, they can afford a frivolous lawsuit more than we can." After the break, footage of the promising, but now dead, Crimson Echoes, made by people who, until last week, liked Chrono Trigger a lot.

[Via Kombo; thanks, Booxatron!]