Wild and slim PS3 redesign caught on camera?

Not that the original was any sort of tame, but some new, incredibly grainy leaked shots of a PS3 "slim," if they prove legitimate, point to a pretty wild redesign in store for the console in the near future -- not to mention what would be one of the smallest Blu-ray devices we've seen yet. There seem to be a lot of similarities to the Slimline PS2, while still holding onto that curvature the PS3 is so well known for, and even squeezing in a slot-loading disc drive and 120GB hard drive. Of course, Sony has issued a pretty strong denial of existing PS3 slim rumors, stating that "We currently don't have any plans for a redesigned PS3 at this time," but that's a pretty common way for Sony to deal with rumors, no matter which way they fall. We'll probably have to wait until E3 to learn the real truth, but it's a good bet this won't be the last true or false rumor to hit about a real or fake console in the run-up to the show. At least this one's packing pictures.

[Via Engadget Spanish; thanks Jason N.]