Hands-on with Microsoft's internet tv beta 2, still unwatchable

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|05.16.09

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There's bad quality internet video and then there is really bad internet quality video and there is no doubt that the latest internet tv beta 2 from Microsoft is as bad as we've ever seen. Checking it out we couldn't believe our eyes and tried a number of clips before shaking our head and thinking "are you kidding me?" In some cases the video is presented as 4x3 even though we know the show is available on other sites like Hulu in 16x9, but to make things worse, even when the content is in the original aspect ratio, it is so over-compressed we don't see how anyone could take this serious. The interface is decent enough and does do a good job of integrating well with the rest of the Media Center experience, but we hate to say it but we'd rather see nothing at all then garbage like this. Our favorite internet tv beta 2 feature? The ability to hide it from the guide, and with any luck, forget it even exists.

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