Phosphor intros new line of curved E-Ink watches

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.18.09

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Phosphor intros new line of curved E-Ink watches
Yes, e-books and phones are awesome -- but there are plenty of other applications for E-Ink tech out there, and Phosphor has been selling its analog / digital combo E-Ink wristwatches for a while now. The company's now adding to that stable with a line of curved-display models available in your choice of leather, rubber, and stainless steel bracelets and one of two faces; one can be toggled between a large digit and graphical view of the time, while the other offers an always-on monthly calendar and a smaller time display up top. Prices start at $175 for the new designs and hit streets now -- and stay tuned, because we'll be giving away a few of 'em!

We've had a chance to play with the watches, and the displays are as clear and crisp as E-Ink units we've seen; ultimately, we'd like to see what they could do with a matrix display, but segmented is a welcome first step. The models feel solid and well-built (the stainless steel versions, in particular, are pleasantly weighty on the wrist) and we get the impression that you could pass them off in virtually any social situation without the awkward "holy cow, you're a geek of epic proportion" moments. Click on through to the gallery to see both face styles and all four bracelets in action.

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