AT&T announces plans to expand netbook sales nationwide

It wasn't exactly hard to see this one coming, but AT&T has now officially announced that it'll soon be making 3G-equipped netbooks available at AT&T stores throughout the US (and on its website), following what the carrier has deemed to be a "successful" trial run in Atlanta and Philadelphia back in April. While complete details are still a bit light, AT&T will apparently be offering most if not all of the same netbooks that were available during that trial period, including various models from Acer, Dell and Lenovo. Unfortunately, AT&T also isn't getting any more specific than "this summer" in terms of a rollout date, and it's not ready to announce any pricing either, although the netbooks sold for as little as $49 in Atlanta and $99 in Philly (where AT&T wasn't able to rely on its residential DSL to further defer the costs).