TAG Heuer's Bluetooth headset proves the rich only need 4GB flash drives

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.19.09

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Finding a headset that can match the overwhelming pretension exuded by your multi-thousand-dollar TAG Heuer Meridiist can be a daunting challenge; pairing it up with your old Vertu (which was just a Jabra clone, anyhow) would be an embarrassing faux pas to say the least, and a Jawbone Prime can't physically fit enough diamonds to accurately express your expertly-honed sense of luxurious style. No worries, though: your favorite watchmaker has crafted just the piece for you, combining a totally ordinary-looking headset with a USB-powered charging base that integrates 4GB of questionably useful storage. Looks like an $80 package to us, but rest assured -- whatever the actual price is at launch, it'll starkly remind you that you're wealthy, fancy, and on the cutting edge of cool.

[Via Newlaunches]
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