Dell adding Mini 10 TV tuner, passion purple color options today

Updated ·1 min read

When Dell said its Mini 10 TV tuner was coming this summer, well, we didn't expect it to be so soon. The company's dropped us a line to say we should expect to see it as a customization option starting sometime today, presumably along with the external antenna that's needed when the signal's low. The cost is an extra $50 and it'll net you over-the-air ATSC -- that's the new HD format, for those who haven't been keeping track. Additionally, a seventh color, passion purple, is being added to the library, and if your heart's set on cherry red, you'll be happy to know they're now a part of the (PRODUCT) RED portfolio, meaning Dell will donate $5 to the Global Fund with each purchase. No pics of the new hue just yet, but if any of these new additions sound enticing, you might wanna hit cancel on that late-night order we caught you placing.