Music downloads coming to PSN, PSP?

Ross Miller
R. Miller|05.21.09

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Music downloads coming to PSN, PSP?
Ready for some more PSP rumors? CNET's got it on good word that Sony's been talking to some of the big recording labels about putting their music on the PlayStation Network for download, specifically with the PSP in mind. It really isn't much of a stretch, especially when you think about the service's ever-growing library of movies and TV shows. And of course, Sony itself is one of the four largest music companies in the world, so if it really had to go on its own for a bit, it should be able to muster a few good artists. It's just a rumor for now, but this definitely feels like the natural progression for PSN and the company's do-everything device. You know what would go great with a PSP music download service? A slide-out gamepad and a Memory Stick HG-Micro slot to replace UMDs... Just sayin'.
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