Paradigm's Studio 60 v.5 5.1-channel speaker system gets a big thumbs up

Steven Kim
S. Kim|05.21.09

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Paradigm's Studio 60 v.5 5.1-channel speaker system gets a big thumbs up
Paradigm Studio 60 v.5
Our highly unscientific field study of fellow HT enthusiasts who crave really good audio shows that there are two camps -- those who say good things about Paradigm speakers and those who have never heard Paradigm speakers. By reading AVGuide's review of the Paradigm Studio v.5 5.1-channel system (yes, the whole kit including the Studio 60 floorstanders, CC-490 center, ADP-590 surrounds and a SUB 12), the company can expect to add more relatively well-heeled customers to its roster. The $6,200 package turned in a great performance that will appeal to those who favor a neutral frequency response and with well-defined imaging, characteristics that should fare well in HT and audio-only applications alike. Just be sure to audition speakers that have seen about 20-hours of audio before passing judgment -- the treble on Paradigms can be kind of "hot" out of the box. Admittedly, $6k for a speaker setup these days is nothing to sneeze at, but don't confuse price with value; it sounds like the fifth generation of the Studio line has closed in on the top-end Signature series of speakers.

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