Paul Barnett interviewed at length on Land of the Dead

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|05.26.09

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Paul Barnett interviewed at length on Land of the Dead
If you've got time on your hands and are interested in reading the ramblings of Mythic Entertainment's Paul Barnett, then we'd like to direct your attention towards an interview at MMOGamer. Topics range from PR offices to all sorts of details on how Warhammer Online is doing and it's upcoming Land of the Dead update. We'll warn you now, a good amount of the meaty information is dispersed among lots and lots of strange Barnettisms and stories. We hope you like stories.

Granted, there's a lot more off-topic discussion, but it's all strange and left field type stuff so at the very least we found it endearing and strangely entertaining -- especially the story of Paul's son and his epic rise to being is father's ultimate griefer.

On a final, but definitely the most interesting note, it turns out that an in-game model of Paul Barnett was once used to test all the death animations. We kind of wish that such a thing could be seen by the public, and are considering writing a formal letter of request, asking Mythic to think of our dear readers.
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