Apple iPhone 3.0 rumor roundup

Heard any good iPhone 3.0 rumors lately? No? That's because they're all here in this tidy little roundup. The latest (pictured above) is a purported top-facing bezel frame for the "Apple iPhone 3Gen 2009." Besides being black unlike the chrome edge of the iPhone 3G, iLounge and others have noticed a repositioned ear speaker, tucked high against the top-edge that could be making way for a front-facing camera or additional sensor(s). iLounge also created a render (pictured after the break) of a 5th gen iPod nano based on information provided by a source who "has a perfect track record for accuracy." In addition to a slightly larger screen with 1.5:1 aspect, there's now a camera on the back; a redesign that dovetails nicely with rumors about Apple to getting serious with integrated video and digital cameras. iLounge also claims that there will be three new models (3G, enhanced 3G, and mainland China version lacking WiFi we suspect) of iPhones with matte plastic bodies less prone to scratching. Importantly, countries will get the phone appropriate to their telco's capabilities -- iLounge says users won't have to choose between a fast and slow iPhone, they'll get what their carriers can support. Each will ship in a choice of two capacity options with 32GB being the top-end rumored. Oh, and iPhone 3.0 will also get into the Nike+ game without requiring an adapter (like the iPod touch). These rumors ride a wave of reports that inventories of the iPhone 3G are running low and component makers are now shipping parts for the next generation iPhone. So Steve Jobs or not, we're still expecting the hardware to be announced at WWDC with possible July 17 launch.

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