"Mole" says UMD-less PSP-Go! is on for E3, slimmer PS3 to follow

Ready for this? No, seriously -- are you strapped in? The same reliable "mole" that enabled ArsTechnica to correctly call the Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 bundle and the new Halo 3 / Fable 2 bundle (among other items) has come forward with convincing evidence that a UMD-less PSP is indeed on the table for an E3 launch. Truthfully, we'd be more shocked if Sony didn't announce such a product, with the download-only release of Patapon 2 being a telltale sign that something was up. We're told that the so-called PSP-Go! will be debuting in LA next week, but that a slimmer, trimmer PlayStation 3 likely won't. The reason? Sony's waiting for its current stock of PS3 consoles to dwindle, after which it intends to refill channel partners with the physically fit edition that we peeked just over a week ago. We'll be live at the expo to give the low-down on this as it happens, but suffice it to say, buying a bulky PS3 over the next few months will likely morph into a regrettable decision.